Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Shropshire and Wales, the abridged version

We have just returned from a week in North Shropshire and Wales. I'm trying to get into a rhythm with work, so far so good as this week I have been most productive, thank goodness!

New stock bought and checked over, housework nearly up to date, and holiday washing almost all ironed, phew!

The chickens are all still friends, and are laying lots of little eggs for us, so we have a backlog to get through.

Thought I would share a few photos with you, hence the post title

There you go, a sneaky peek at where we've been. I will be compiling a new post soon. 

I've had a few bargain buys recently that I have forgotten to share

 The toiletries above were all 25p each, I quite like buying these smaller sizes to try out, and it's a token charity donation too

I do like a good cross body bag, and have kind of wanted a Kipling bag for ages, but they are pricy for nylon, I don't recall seeing one in a chazza before, so for around £2 I treated myself! No monkey keyring thing with this bag though. I realised after I bought it that it zips up the correct way round for me, I carry my bag on my right shoulder and I wear most bags back to front.

Today I found this fab Topshop orange cobwebby knit top for a pound so treated myself again. Love the colour and have several vest tops to go underneath, so if Summer is on the cool side it's probably my fault for buying this!  

Right, I have more ironing to do, a whole load of holiday snaps to sort through, and some blogs to catch up with.

Ooh, and this is my 100th post on Blogger!