Saturday, 3 March 2018

It ain't over till it's over

Oops, another month and scarcely a blog post from me. 

So, I've decided to trial instagram and facebook for the time being, and try small bite sized pieces of info instead of one great long blog post with loads of boring photos for you to plough through!

This blog will still stay as I've always loved blogging, and I hope to pick up again when we go out and about to places. In the meantime here's a couple of recent jewellery bargains for you.

I found this gorgeous real silver necklace on a 50p jewellery rack in a local charity shop. I always pick up real silver if I see it, as long as it isn't broken. The scrap value is so low at present this necklace is probably worth less than 50p as scrap, but if I get bored of it I can sell it on for a couple of quid at least. 

  I do love this! It is so Spring-like I had to buy it, cost 30p so not breaking the bank. I think it's a cheap one, maybe Primark or Poundland even, let me know if you've seen it around! 

Lastly, thought I would share this photo of the hens, Lola will be nine this month, which is a really great age for a chicken, and the other two we bought last March from the Domestic Fowl Trust in Warwickshire.

From the left, they are Daphne (Hamburgh) Lola (Araucana) and Maureen (Friesian). They are all bantams and not much bigger than pigeons, albeit very feisty! Lola no longer lays regularly but we get around 12 to 13 little white eggs a week off the other two combined. 

You can find me on instagram as pennypincher66 and facebook as Diary of a penny pincher, hope to see you over there! 


  1. I haven't got Instagram, but I'm already following you on Facebook. It's a relief you're not planning to quite blogging entirely. I'd miss your "out and about" posts! Love the photo of the hens in the snow! xxx

  2. Your hens are beauties. I think bantam eggs are lovely. The necklace is a beauty too.

  3. I have just followed you , mine is simoswife :-)

  4. I had no idea chickens could live so long, they're beauties! xxx

  5. Thought I'd drop by and say hi! Your girls are beautiful!


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