Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Five pounds, one month - the September charity shop round up

So what can you buy with a fiver in a month?  Not much? 

This is what I've picked up in the past 30 days from charity shops. 

M&S stripe top.  I love this style, and I love this colour.  Just 50p, it was in a basket of cheap summer tops outside one of my favourite charity shops.  Still creased to hell as I didn't bother to wash it before I took the photo.

The next two finds were from a charity shop which is closing down for a refurb, so I anticipate a complete dearth of bargains in there from now on! 

M&S knee length vintage skirt, love the colour, and the price, £1, was even nicer!

 I do find the old label amusing, this fits me but look at those measurements!

It's not all about me this month either, there's something for him indoors too.  This Great Plains knitted gilet must have been expensive when new but was on a pound rail too.

You can't go wrong with a bit of bling, I found this in one of those baskets of tangled jewellery on the counter in another charity shop.  There were quite a few (cheap fashion) rings but this one was the only one that fitted.  It was black, it isn't now!  Silver ring (real silver), 50p. 

This scarf was in another cheap box outside a charity shop.  If you want gold then you've gotta dig for it.  Viyella scarf, 99p.

This was an impulse buy, but I quite fancy a long denim skirt as an alternative to jeans.  The denim is very soft too. M&S new with tags size 8 skirt, £1.  I've mentioned the size as the measurements are almost the same as the vintage one above!

So there you go, plenty of bargains lurking around, you just have to look.  Now go forth and rummage in those charity shops and tell me what you've found this month!


  1. Liking that swirly ring!
    On Friday I went to a jumble sale and bought some original Doc Marten Mary Janes, three vintage handbags, four hand-rolled 1950s scarves, 10 x 7" singles ( including a rare 1960s Northern Soul song which sells for around £30), some Tupperware, a 1980s evening jacket, a Harris Tweed cap and a pair of Dents leather gloves for £3! xxx

    1. OK Vix, you win! Seriously though, that sounds like a fabulous haul, well done and thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. Such a good haul. Today I scored some vintage braces my son's been looking for, the Barnado's shop. Never do I find much that is like your cheap items, but I keep trying!

    1. I'm sure you will hit charity shop gold soon, Maureen! Those vintage braces sound great, hope your son liked them!

  3. Some great finds, the silver ring is a stand-out, but the vintage St Michael skirt is cool too.
    I haven't been charity shopping yet this week - maybe tomorrow? Last week's 1950s black velvet frock was my best find lately. xxx

  4. I'm nowhere near your caliber of seek and find in the charity stores, but I just scored two vintage LP's for my daughter for $ .99 total. Vintage items make really one of a kind (now a days) gifts. I think I found my gold.


    1. Hi Sam, thanks for commenting. You are right, vintage items make great gifts, thoughtful ones too, well I think so!


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