Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pumpkins and winter togs at Hanbury Hall

Well, it has suddenly descended into Winter, hasn't it?  Clocks going back, misty mornings and crunchy leaves underfoot, it's all so seasonal all of a sudden, I do like it!

Him indoors has been working too hard these past few weeks, so we decided to take a break and headed off to Hanbury Hall for tea and cake and a mooch around.  Last year we found a wonderful display of pumpkins and gourds there and we weren't disappointed this time.

It was also time to venture out and about in new (to me) winter clothing.  I love my new Boden jumper and Next denim skirt!  Both were a pound.  I'm so glad to find an alternative to jeans, I'm really trying to get away from wearing them all the time.  Him indoors is modelling his new (shop bought) jumper, say no more!

The pumpkins were indeed impressive, not so my pumpkin face!

Typically, Hanbury has wonderful formal gardens, with linear planting and sculpted plants, imported foliage and interesting seating!  Oh, and some rather lovely terracotta pots in the Orangery.

The grounds are filled with huge oak trees, all now shedding their leaves for the winter.  We found these pretty little bantams in the vegetable gardens, they made such a sweet little noise when spoken to!  The Blenheim Orange apples were being stored in the dark mushroom house.  We knew the place was full of apples as soon as we opened the door, the scent was divine!  The planters formed a sort of guard in front of the Orangery, and the paintwork was a theme throughout the garden furniture as you can see.

Hanbury appears to have been built at the turn of the 18th century, in 1701.  There is dispute about the date, which appears above the front door, as it is thought to be a Victorian embellishment.  Looks all very pretty to me though, and I hanker after grand wrought iron gates!

The interiors are sumptuous, with high ceilings and grand paintings, antiques everywhere and chandeliers hanging from every ceiling.  As you can probably see, some of the furnishings are a little threadbare but it all adds to the charm of the place.  The deer head stares down from a wall in the cafe, which used to be part of the staff quarters.

I do love the old staff sign, hanging in the cafe

Aside from the fact that we were disappointed at the lack of lovely Hanbury honey cake in the cafe, we had a lovely relaxing wander around Hanbury, and will be back again soon.

(Please excuse the bad spacing and formatting, not sure what is happening to Blogger but it won't let me space things correctly, gah!)


  1. Hanbury Hall looks lovely, a beautiful house and gorgeous gardens and grounds, and yes, I love a bit of fancy wrought iron too! You and the Mister are looking lovely as well! xxx

  2. I'd happily move in there, isn't it gorgeous? You two look pretty fab, too! x

  3. The smell of an apple loft, or at my Aunty Margaret's house the cellar, as you say, just divine.

    It has been so warm here today (Chichester)!

  4. Your fall photos are gorgeous and I adore your pumpkin face!


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