Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The mists of time, a trip down memory lane

While the building work continues at the cottage, We've kept ourselves out of the way as much as possible. The house is dusty and dirty and builders have taken over every room downstairs, or so it seems.

A walk around the village earlier in the week was interesting, it was so foggy we could hardly see a thing, and we both got absolutely soaking wet in it too!

To keep away from th ebuild here at the cottage I've been attempting to renovate my childhood home, and we intend to rent it out. Removing wallpaper, old shelves and boxes has uncovered some forgotten treasures mostly of the throwaway variety, so I took some photos for posterity.  Unfortunately, my phone doesn't have a great camera and the lighting isn't the best so the pics are a bit blurry.

The old wallpapers include the following

 The paper above is vinyl and presently a drawer lining, not sure if I can sneak it into the cottage as OH doesn't like old stuff. 

 I think this paper is lovely, probably 50's?  Really pretty and with a toning border too

 This flower border was a bit unexpected, it doesn't appear to be with any other papers and this is the only bit I've found so far.  Love the Made in England edge of the paper above, just showing in this photo.

Several decades of wallpaper, the middle paper is hiding the previously shown flower border

I also found jazzy Formica covered chipboard shelves, which have now been disposed of at the tip

60's without a doubt.  Mind your eyes!

An old Martini box hid a plethora of old food and drink containers

Anyone remember Tree Top?

This skimmed milk tin is full, it might end up on Ebay.

70's jelly boxes

 Assortment of bottles

One of my few baby food jars, kept for posterity. I was mostly fed on mashed up adult food

Had to look up nonpareils, never heard them called that.

Did anyone else collect the Stork margarine containers?

I also came across this old Sunblest bag

An interesting old shoe box, which probably held my first pair of shoes

This ladies shoe box, with the interesting non pc colour description

This label was on a really large box I found, it was nappy liner in a roll, for inside terry nappies.  

Well, who knows what I might uncover elsewhere in the house, will keep you posted and hope to resume more regular blogging soon, when the builders have gone.


  1. Those Formica shelves! I know loads of people who'd pay a small fortune for those! Where's the tip? xxx

  2. Really? I did wonder. You may be getting a facebook message!

  3. Memories are such fun, we had loads of stork containers full of little things.

  4. Gosh, those Tree Top squash bottle take me back, and the Gerber baby food jar. I remember my sister being fed Gerber baby food. She was a very picky eater and wouldn't eat 'real food' for ages. I was always jealous as the baby food smelt delicious and I was too much of a 'big girl' to be allowed any.

  5. Wise to stay out of the builders way, having renovated several times over the years I remember the dirt and dust. A wonderful trip down memory lane, several of the brands were sold here.We called nonpareilles , hundreds and thousands. Good luck with all the renos.

  6. Wow - great selection of vintage treasures there. Thanks for sharing them with us. x


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