Friday, 30 June 2017

Flower Power!

Today we did something a little different.  We took a stroll through a field of delphiniums in Worcestershire. 

The field is part of a farm where natural confetti is grown and harvested by the Real Flower Confetti Company. The flowers reach their peak in late June/early July and the field is open to the public for ten days. We visited on the first open day and were surprised at how many people were there. Several photographers and their subjects were lurking in the flowers too!

Thankfully it was a dull and overcast kind of day, as we were able to appreciate the beautiful  and vibrant colours.

There is an entry fee to walk around the field, £2.50 per adult, but children are free. You can buy confetti, cut flowers and a confetti cafe has been set up where drinks and cakes can be purchased at a reasonable price.

 I have to say it was almost a surreal experience being surrounded by colour as we walked through the thickly planted bands of flowers

I love delphiniums, and used to grow them in my garden in Birmingham, until they decided they no longer liked the soil and stopped growing!

I was in heaven strolling around the field, and the raised platform provided an interesting angle over the field, unfortunately not high enough to view the Union Jack flag planted at one end.

Half a Union flag

The other half!

Beautiful colours as far as the eye can see!

The field is located in Wick near Pershore in Worcestershire, and is open from 30th June until 9th July from 10am till 5pm. Parking is on a field and free, entry is £2.50 per person, children are free.


  1. Absolutely stunning. I've never bothered trying to grow delphiniums as slugs love them and I'm not dedicated enough to go on a daily patrol. We have a similar place near me but they grow only dahlias.

  2. How amazing! I love Delphiniums, and used to have them in our garden, but as pointed out by Fiona the slugs do love them ... I've never seen so many in one place, must have been quite an experience walking through them. Surely a photographer's dream! xxx

  3. What stunning photos! I saw those blooms all over Greece and had no idea what they were so an education as well as a feast for the eyes! xxx

  4. Oh my!!! This is wonderful! Interesting that Vix's comment mentioned Greece because when I was a year 5 teacher, we used to read a version of Odysseus and they used the synonym, 'as blue as Delphiniums' frequently!


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