Wednesday, 13 September 2017

These boots aren't made for walking...and other bargains

I realised I haven't done a bargains post for ages, around two months I think, so here are a few things I've picked up since June.

The latest bargain were these unbranded leather boots, really well made and high, I'm sure I won't be going far in them but they will come in handy as a smart wardrobe staple.

Found in a charity shop £1 bargain bin.  Go on, tell me the last time you found a pair of hardly worn leather boots for a pound!

Found these boots on ebay and forgot I was watching them. The listing ended with no sale and they were relisted again. The photos were dreadful but I could see there was hardly any wear on the heels so took a chance and bid. I won as no-one else bothered.

100% leather and suede.  They are in superb condition and are Clarks, total paid was £14.44 I think.

Next item was a skirt I found today, the brand is Mantaray and it looks unworn, thick printed jersey cotton with deep elastic waist.

Found this fab t shirt a week ago, good quality and I love the print.

Paid £1.50 and it's a perfect fit!

Treated myself to a few Gringo tops in their sale, they only had M/L left so I took a chance and one is a perfect fit the other a little loose.

The black one is the perfect fit, and cost £12.99 

This one is a little baggy but the design is gorgeous and repeated on the back in negative, £15.49. I also bought a tunic dress which was a bargain at £10.99 but it's too long for me so I will take it up.

I also found this top on ebay with best offer on, it's an Orla Kiely design and I love it. I offered £5 plus postage and the top was mine!

Love the close up of the little cars

Back to August and I found this M&S Magenta top for 50p

Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sleeve of this Orla Kiely top peeping out of a rail of clothing in an expensive chazza I like looking round.

At £2.99 the price wasn't bad either.

Just goes to show, those expensive shops are worth looking around.

Another M&S top, this one was £2.25

It's really nice but when I put it on OH said "haven't you got one like that already?"

Mmm, it does resemble a couple of other tops I have, we'll see which ones stay the distance.

Lastly a few items from June

 Pac a mac for £1.50, bit dark but they are difficult to source round here.

Capri pants already turned into shorts

Cost £1

Last item was this gorgeous M&S top I bought over a Fat Face one for the same price

This cost £3.75, but looks fab and I've worn it loads already, as you can see in the photo below

So comfy!

Well, that's all my bargains, OH has had lots of things, several pairs of footwear, several pairs of jeans, a hoodie in the sales and a new to him 50p leather cowboy buckle belt.

Hope you are all finding great bargains out there!


  1. You have found some great items, over the last few months my OH has had some great bargains at car boots, 3 Fat Face polo style tops £1 each and two pairs of Levi 501's at £3 each, which fit him really well, all items virtually new x

    1. Sounds like your OH has found some fab bargains there, Jane, well done to him!

  2. Lovely photo of the two of you!
    We have loads of £3 and under charity shops here, no reason on earth to buy new! xxx

    1. Thank you Vix, although I think it has a touch of the Peters and Lee! Agree, whatever your style there are lovely things out there at great prices xxx

  3. What bargaintastic boots! I could do with some black boots myself. You've found loads of tops this summer, I've visited a few chazzas recently but nothing's grabbed me. xx

    1. Thanks Fiona, both pairs of boots are gorgeous, think I need some brown ones now too (where will it end?!) Too many tops I think, but I can't resist! xx

  4. I can never resist a pair of bargain boots, and love both of yours. The Clarks ones are a steal at that price! The elephant t shirt is fab, but my favourite must be the Orla Kiely top with the cars! So cute! xxx

    1. I have small feet, UK 4, so when I see things in my size I usually end up buying as they don't come up often. Yes, the car top is so cute, it's right up there as a new fave! xxx

  5. Oooh, you did SOooo well! What utter bargains there, esp the Orla Kiely tops and the amazing boots! I was SO chuffed to get a tan pair of my beloved Joylyn Dr Martens boots on Ebay for £21 - my original pair cost £90 and have been going strong for almost 4 years!


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