Monday, 23 June 2014

Curtains, castles, DKNY and a make up revolution!

Well, following a rather empty fortnight, thanks to me putting my back out, I'm able to get around OK and am back up to speed with walking.  That's especially good news as my local post office is around a mile away, and I've popped over there this morning.  It would've been rude not to venture into the local charity shops, so I did!

I found this necklace in a 50p bin by the till in the local Cancer Research shop.  Their usually fruitful £1 rail had nothing that caught my eye, although they did have some lovely little side plates outside for just 50p each.  I resisted!

It's quite large at just over 2 inches long, and has a mood stone attached, which went quite a lovely shade of blue whilst I was holding it.  It is shown here on a huge H&M scarf I picked up on Saturday for just 50p too.  I thought it was quite summery, and it is a massive piece of polyester lawn type fabric.  I have actually considered making something out of it, but think I'll just stick with a scarf for now!

Next, bought these DKNY jean style summer trousers a few weeks back, again just a pound, and forgot to include them in a blog post!

As I'm a little short in the leg, I've had them in the alteration pile for a while, and finally got around to re-hemming them yesterday.

 Lastly, amongst the charity shop purchases for today, this groovy pair of curtains!  

The fabric is beautiful, heavy, satin finish furnishing fabric, each curtain measures 44" x 86".  Never heard of the maker but they look early 1970's?  I paid £4 for them, from the same shop that was trying to flog 1980s fabric for £75 a few weeks ago.  I think they've reviewed their pricing structure!

No signs of use, and I did think I was going to have to fight the lady behind the till for them at one point, she said she'd had her eye on them.  I'm planning cushion covers at the moment, but am happy to just have this lovely fabric in my stash for now!

Lastly, thought I would treat myself, and was intrigued by a vlog from Caroline over at Mrs M's Meanderings, on some really cheap make up from a company called Makeup Revolution.  I chose some eyeshadows, lipsticks and a kajal.  The whole lot came to £10, and at that price I had no qualms with the p+p of £2.95.  Ordered late on 17th and the parcel arrived today, just as I got back in from the post office!   I'm really pleased so far, although I have combined the lipsticks together to get a perfect colour for me.

Here's what I bought

I bought  two lipsticks, both were a pound, the colours are Treat and The One.  Treat is the darker of the two.  I also bought a kajal stick, it twists open and was £2.  The single eyeshadow was £1 and the colour is Envy, to me it looks like a beautiful dark teal and is matte.  The two eyeshadow palettes were both £2.50 and are baked eyeshadow.  The one on the left is Bang Bang, and the shades of green/brown on the right is Beyond Eden.  Beware of the website, there is so much to choose from you may spend more than you intended to!

Have you bought makeup online?  If so, was it what you thought when it arrived?



  1. Nice finds! That necklace is rather Gothic and romantic, the jeans were a bargain, and the curtain fabric will be great, whatever you choose to make with it.
    I don't buy make-up online, not because I'm sniffy about it or particularly picky, I just think you can find stuff so cheaply in Superdrug (or on the market), and then you can actually have a proper look at it. Truth be told, I'm not that interested in make up - I never wear eye shadow, I just like an eyeliner, mascara and a lippy, and something to cover up any blemishes, and that's me done! Low maintenance, that's me! xxx

    1. Hi Curtise, thanks for commenting! Don't tell anyone but I often don't wear any make-up! I've now got enough to last for ten years I think, although you just reminded me I need a new mascara too! xxx

  2. Hi there! That's a cute necklace and love those white jeans too! Your make up buys look lovely, I don't really wear make up except blusher and lippy every now and then! xx

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by! The necklace looks a bit like those things they sell on QVC but is unmarked, a bit gothic but so am I sometimes! xxx

  3. Thanks for the mention, and your make-up order looks fab. I've just found a 25% off code for Make Up Revolution (MUR25) and am trying hard to talk myself out of another order!

  4. Hi Caroline, yes, I'm very pleased! Not a great make-up wearer so I'm covered for the next few years I think but couldn't resist! Thanks for mentioning the code, hopefully some readers will benefit, it is so tempting! xxx


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