Monday, 30 June 2014

Tie dye on the highway

I was messing around with dye at the weekend, couldn't waste that good drying weather, so set to with a bowl, some salt and Dylon.  

I had a couple of really cheap white t shirts put aside to transform into something a bit more hippyish for OH.  He picked out a couple of dye colours from my stash (yes, I have a stash of different coloured dyes!).  I also had a £1 Nomads top bought ages ago from a charity shop, which was beige.

Green dye soon changed that!

Gotta love a bit of tie dye and dip dye!

Saturday was the annual Cadbury fete, we didn't go but I was able to enjoy some of the fireworks from the bedroom!   Managed to take some photos too, which was more difficult than I imagined!



  1. Great tie dye (haven't done that since my 1970s school days!) and love those fireworks! xxx

  2. Thank you, Curtise! It's quite addictive once you get going! xxx


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