Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June charity shop bargain round up

Phew!  I really thought I would not spend so much this month.  I hurt my back on the 8th June picking elderflowers for champagne making and was pretty much out of action for a good fortnight.  Thankfully, I haven't actually spent a lot, and have given more away than I have accumulated, so there's still plenty of room in the house! 

Right, here's the swag for the month, in no particular order!

Black Yak hat, 50p (bad selfie, free!)

Sona teapot, 50p

Bronze bead cuff, 50p

Jane Norman top, £1

Black bead choker, 50p

Joe Browns t shirt, £1

Converse! £1

Red or Dead for Cancer Research tote, £1

New patterned tights, £1

Howies t shirt £1

Fab vintage curtains, £4

DKNY jeans, £1

M&S white linen trousers, £1

 Laura Ashley blouse, free.  This is actually damaged, and was going to be ragged so I had it for nothing.  It is a size 16 but I like the fabric.  I'm going to attempt to remove the sleeves, take the body part in and resew.  There's  a hole in the front, which I will attempt to hide with a band of velvet or lace, watch this space!!

Jane Norman cropped jeans, £1

Bon Marche jeans, £1.  Certainly a case of don't look at the label!  These jeans are lightweight denim and fit well. 

H&M scarf 50p, and castle necklace, 50p.  Huge scarf in a poly cotton lawn type fabric, and rather unusual pendant, which I have now moved on to a shorter cord.  Looks like that Kirks Folly stuff off QVC!

That's it, folks, I make that £17 spent! 

 Hope you have all had great bargains this past month too! 

I'm linking up, for the first time, to the gorgeous Stylecrone's monthly Hat Attack with this post! 


  1. Wow, super bargain hunting. Well done, you!

  2. Thanks, Caroline. I've already started amassing July bargains now, and we're only three days in to the month!

  3. What a fab haul!

    I think you will look great in the black t-shirt with the DKNY jeans, rock'n'roll :-)

    Love your blog, and I love your pic of you getting your leg over too.


    1. Thank you, Louisa! You spotted the pic, the only other person to mention it was the OH! xxx

  4. Really impressive bargain hunting there! You found some brilliant stuff at rock-bottom prices, well done! xx

    1. Thank you, Curtise, I'm determined to stick to my £1 budget as much as possible. xxx

  5. Simply amazed, some serious bargain hunting going on and some fabulous finds too! P.s. just one question do you wear it all? That is except the teapot!! xx

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment. Yes, I do try to wear it all, except the teapot and the curtains. I'm having a major wardrobe overhaul at the moment too, so there's plenty of room! xx

  6. Love your blog, your sense of humor and your swag. Thank you so very much for sharing your chapeau with Hat Attack!

    1. Thank you, Judith. I look forward to joining in with more of your Hat Attacks! xx

  7. Hi my dear!! Well done on bagging such a fabulous haul- so many stylish items which will be fab for Summer and Autumn xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I'm looking forward to more of your style tips! xxx


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