Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lazy beach day at Tresaith, the New Quay honey farm and home

Wednesday 9th July

We decided on a day at the beach.  It was pretty cool when we set out, but the weather forecast was good so we headed out to nearby Tresaith beach, which turned out to be the nicest beach we discovered during the week.  

We were lucky enough to nab the last of the five parking spaces right next to the beach, so we parked up for the day.

View from the car

We had to walk past the lifeguard hut to get onto the beach and I made a note of the low tide time, it was 12.53 so we had plenty of time to wander before the tide began to come in.  We walked south, scrabbling over rocks and avoiding seaweed, and popped back to the car for a cuppa and our sandwiches. After lunch, OH did manage to find a narrow bottomless stagnant rockpool by missing his footing and stepping into it!  He went in up to his thigh and still hadn't reached the bottom.  Thankfully, he didn't get stuck, so took off his trainers and we carried on.  

 Heading northwards, we discovered a waterfall, some little caves and more rocks, big ones, that we happily scrambled over like children. 

 After a while we headed back to the slipway to sit and admire the view.

After sunning ourselves we set back for the holiday cottage and after tea made another attempt to get down to the hidden cove.  This time, following directions from Tracy and Alec from Glenrothes, who were staying in the gipsy caravan next to us (with their lovely little Border terrier Rosie), we managed to find the quick way.  However, we were confronted by a hideous climb down the side of a hill on slate and next to a waterfall that I didn't think my back would take.  Such a shame as it looked great.

Thursday 10th July

Our last full day, and we decided out of idle curiosity, to visit a local honey farm, the New Quay Honey Farm.  It turned out to be fascinating.  After studying actual bees nests in glass cases(where the bees have access to the outside) we sat and watched a short film by an obviously mad Australian beekeeper.  Who knew that a bee who has discovered a new source of pollen does a little funny dance where each angle she turns and the speed of the wiggle in the dance equates to how far the pollen is from the hive, and she gives out samples to the bees as she dances, wow! 

 Of course we soon made our way to the tea shop and ordered a pot of tea and traditional Bara Brith, served with butter as it should be according to the lady serving us. The shop was well stocked with all sorts of honey and related products, so we settled for a nice large bottle of mead, to save for Christmas.

We spent the afternoon in New Quay itself, just wandering around.  We bumped into one of the Brummie shopkeepers we had come across in a nearby town, Aberaeron, and had a chat with her.  Him indoors was compelled to buy yet another pair of sunglasses (if you are keeping count, that's four pairs so far) nice quality ones for just £1.50.

Back at the cottage and we went for a walk, just a mooch around the local lanes and public footpaths, taking in the scenery and filling our lungs with the unpolluted air. 

Over the week I had made attempts to learn a little Welsh, the area we were in has 50% Welsh speakers.  I failed miserably.  I did, however, take some photos of some useful words and phrases I just might need in everyday life back in England, what do you think?

11th July

We had packed the night before and wanted to make a quick getaway so that we arrived in the Midlands before the dreaded rush hour.  

A quick break in a layby near Newtown saw me hunting crickets in the grass, and trying to photograph what we think were kites in the sky.

 We stopped at Stokesay Castle again for our lunch, as we just loved the picnic area overlooking the castle

Just lovely!

Now we are back in Brum we have decided to up sticks and head towards the countryside, so much so, that this week my house will be on the market, eek!  


  1. Wow, big move ahead, good luck with it all!
    Your holiday photos are gorgeous, that beach look wonderful. xxx


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