Monday, 14 July 2014

Llangrannog, life's a beach!

Saturday 5th July

We awoke after a fitful night's sleep in our holiday cottage, Morfa Isaf, to a sea view and a sunny day!  I say fitful, as the owner's mother slept in a ground floor room adjacent to our cottage and inadvertently fell asleep with her radio left on full blast all night!  Him indoors went round first thing to find out what was going on and after that we had peace and quiet, thankfully. 

That's our cottage on the right

Isn't it fab!  This is the view from our holiday cottage and patio.  We had to share the grass bit, but as you can see, it wasn't busy.  In case you were wondering, I'm wearing; old BHS skirt from a sale many years ago, navy vest top, also very old, and crocheted jumper, charity shop £3.50.  I'm also wearing some very comfy slip on croc sandals which I bought in a sale for about £11.

Here's him indoors, enjoying a first Llangrannog morning cup of tea.  We are so rock and roll! Spot the Elder on the left of the photo, if I'd had spare plastic bottles I'd have made some more Elderflower champers!

We found our way down to Llangrannog beach with a full picnic bag, and settled down for the day.  

It wasn't busy.  It was sunny and hot though, and we both got rather tanned.

I went for a paddle, the water wasn't as warm as I'd hoped, soon got used to it.

There's something quite sad about these chairs I feel, and that blummin' rock just looks plain rude to me!

After a day sunning ourselves, and him indoors buying himself a rather nice hat from the only shop in Llangrannog, we went back to the cottage for tea, and ventured out in the evening for a clifftop walk.

I took the opportunity to wear shorts for our walk, denim cut offs actually, don't usually wear shorts as I really feel the cold.  also wore my leather plaited belt 50p, and an old BHS straw hat I've had for years and originally bought in the Birmingham Rag Market.   I tried out my bargain Hi Tec charity shopped £3.99 walking sandals too.  They are great!

The hills are alive with the sound of Brummies, well they are in Llangrannog anyway.  Every other person we spoke to, including shopkeepers, was a Brummie, very odd!

Beautiful coastline, steep hill, very steep!

Sunday 6th July

We popped over to a pretty place called Mwnt, don't ask me how to pronounce it.  The place is managed by the National Trust, so we parked for free.  The three miles from the main road was a really hairy ride, along sometimes steep and always very narrow lanes.   The car park is shared with the local sheep, who are very unconcerned about traffic.  

The views of the beach and coast were again just beautiful.

There's a little white church to the front of that hill on the right

How lovely!

We had a good look around, although we had attempted to dress for Sunday lunch, he in his new Linea chinos and linen shirt (both ebay), and me, in my DKNY jeans and Artscape top (charity shopped).

I think we ended up looking like a pair of old hippies!  Ah well.

We had decided to just find a nearby pub for lunch and stopped in at the Brynhoffnant Inn, funnily enough, in the village of Brynhoffnant.

Sunday lunch was just £8.95 each.  I had lamb and OH had lamb, beef and chicken, and ate the lot!  We were also supplied with six extra dishes full of vegetables to help ourselves to.

It was delicious and the place soon began filling up with a steady stream of locals.

After lunch we headed off for the seaside again, this time towards New Quay, a little port just north of Llangrannog, and a favourite place of Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas.

We had a wander around the town and him indoors found some sunglasses in the local £1.20 shop, which were £1.50, go figure! 

I'm wearing; Bon Marche jeans, Dakine striped bag, plaited leather belt, all charity shopped. Crocs sandals, old sale bargain, grey BHS top, free with vouchers and BHS straw hat, old purchase from Birmingham Rag Market.  OH is proudly wearing his newly bought Llangrannog hat.  As you can see from the bigger photo below, he isn't fussed about washing his jeans at the same time as having a paddle!

Gratuitous beach shot, with distant Welsh mountains

 The last place I expected to see a carousel horse's head

We headed off to the cottage for a light tea, and to watch the sun set over the sea. 

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  1. Sounds like a perfect trip away - great pictures!

    1. Thanks, Caroline. It was a perfect get-away-from-it-all holiday!

  2. Beautiful vacation photos! Thank you so much for the link up to Hat Attack. OH looks grand in his new hat!


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