Saturday, 12 July 2014

Off to West Wales, via Stokesay Castle

4th July

We headed off towards Wales, for a week in a little place by the sea called Llangrannog.  On the way, we had to drop off a guitar with the guitar builder and repair man, who lives in Newtown, so we had to go via the northerly route.  This was to take us through rural areas and lovely Shropshire, a border county with lots of heritage.  

We stopped off in Ludlow, a beautifully quaint market town in Shropshire, and had a little walk around, to stretch our legs.


As you can see, the buildings are old, very old!  It was such a pretty place and just over 90 minutes drive away for us.  We managed to stumble upon a bakery and bought two pineapple creams, just 64p each and freshly made, heavenly!  

We must go back for a good mooch around the market there one day.

Next stop was Stokesay Castle for lunch.  Stokesay Castle is owned by English Heritage and we are members so get in for free.  Stokesay was built in the 13th century and is utterly beautiful.

Isn't it beautiful!  Inside, as there is no glass in the windows, swifts and sparrows fly in and out, feeding their young, who are hidden about the beams of the buildings in nests, calling out for food.


The skeleton of the main hall, I love old wooden framed buildings

The main floor of the tower, swifts were swooping in through the windows all around us... their nests

I love this silhouette of OH, he doesn't.

stunning ancient wood carved fireplace

Thought I would just add this pic of me, just to show I do wear all that charity shopped stuff I buy!  The jeans are new-to-me Bon Marche ones £1, a bit big so I had to wear the plaited leather belt 50p, Per Una top £1, Dakine bag 50p, trainers, new but from a factory shop so just £10 rather than the RRP of £35. 

We passed briefly through Aberystwyth on our journey to Llangrannog, I have to say it looked rather tired.  I do like the ice cream coloured guest houses though.

I was rather amused by the local portable loo company name, think it might be a twist on the local name for Aberystwyth, which is known as Aber by the locals.

Right, that's it for starters.  If you aren't too bored, I'll be posting more pics from our holiday very soon, complete with more pics of me wearing my charity shop bargains.


  1. Hi there! Wow such beautiful pictures it sounds like you had a really wonderful time away! xx

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for commenting, afraid there's a lot more photos to come! xx

  3. Stokesay Castle looks beautiful, what an atmospheric place. Love that vaulted ceiling, aren't the beams gorgeous? xxx

  4. Hi Curtise, thanks for popping by. It's so very gorgeous, I love a good old beam, me! xxx


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