Monday, 14 July 2014

Learning the art of nail painting

Now, I'm not a particularly girly girl, but I've always had long nails.  I love my toenails painted (not my fingernails, for some reason), but they always chip so easily.  Armed with advice from the very knowledgable folk on my favourite chicken forum, (where we talk about everything but chickens!) I was advised to try base coat and top coat.  I wasn't convinced but had surplus funds in my Paypal account so, I went ahead and bought some Sally Hansen base coat, and Seche vite (this stuff is, apparently, the best!) top coat off ebay.  They both arrived on time and before we went away, so I tried them out.  

Sally Hansen, just £2.99 delivered

The holy grail of top coats, Seche Vite, just £5.79 delivered

I have to report that both did a sterling job.  Eleven days after applying one coat of cheap nail varnish, it is still there!  I've been paddling in the sea, walking on sandy beaches, walking with socks and heavy walking shoes, and still I have varnish!  How good is this stuff, miraculous!!  

My toes now, polish was applied on 3rd July, that's 11 days.  Just a slight bit of wear on my big toenails.   I've never had polish last this long!

That's a tan on my feet, by the way!


  1. That's good going. I do find that my toenails are pretty good for not chipping - I wonder how that topcoat would fare on my fingernails? x

    1. Hi Vix, hmm, maybe I need to try it out on my fingernails? My toenails are usually covered though, I feel the cold so am normally in socks and pumps, plenty of opportunity for varnish to rub off. xxx

  2. Like Vix, my toes seem to last ages but not so my fingernails. I do always use a base coat but not a top coat - perhaps I should invest? xxx

    1. Hi Curtise. I was completely sceptical, I must admit. It does have good reviews though xxx


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