Friday, 18 July 2014

Great Brummie bake-off - the teeny, tiny Vicki sponge and ginger cake, plus charity shopping!

I had a friend over today for a day of chat and charity shopping, perfect!  A good excuse for a baking frenzy too.

I made a ginger cake, because I found bags of crystallised ginger in Poundland.  I grabbed two bags as it was such a good price.   I made the recipe up a while ago, basically just a sponge made with demerara instead of white sugar, some ginger essence and pieces of crystallised ginger.  The quickest way to measure for a sponge cake is to weigh your eggs and then match the weight with your sugar, fat and flour.  I have to do this as having my own chickens they tend not to grade their own eggs!  Here is the actual recipe off my old blog *clicky*

I've also made a teeny Victoria sponge, so we aren't eating cake every day for the next week.  I bought some 4.5 inch loose bottom cake tins not long ago from Poundland, (good old Poundland!) and wanted to try them out, cue the tiniest Victoria sponge I have ever made.  It is so small it is sitting on a side plate!

The winner of the bake off was the Victoria sponge, we had three small slices and it is now half eaten.

I bought nothing of note from the shops but my friend came away with several pairs of shoes and two dresses, plus a vintage handbag which was just a pound.  Some girls have all the luck!

Never mind, another friend is coming over tomorrow morning for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  Maybe she will try the ginger cake.  


  1. Mmm, delicious looking cakes! I always do the weighing the eggs method for sponge cakes too. xxx


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