Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mid month charity shop treasure round up

OK folks, we are halfway through the month and I am boring you with holiday snaps!  Let's get right back to pennypinching and see what I've managed to pick up so far in July.

First, I love woollen fabric and am creating a stash.  I've found out that nice old lady type skirts have quite a bit of fabric on them, so if they are cheap and I like the fabric, I buy them!  I ignore the dry clean labels, most woollens are washable (ever seen a shrunken sheep?), especially if they are cheap in the first place.  If it all goes pear shaped when it comes out of the machine, there's no great loss at charity shop prices. I just don't use fabric conditioner on wool.

I bought this skirt form the local Barnardos for £1.99 (see, I'm getting out of my pound comfort zone a bit now, aren't I?)

It is really pretty shades of blue, bordering on the duck egg, and there's a good amount too, the skirt is over 2 yards around at the hem and 28 inches long.

Next, a great footwear bargain, a lovely pair of sparkly denim blue Vans, just a pound!

I've started throwing trainer type shoes in the washing machine, did it with these and they came out so clean.  Pity the sparkle doesn't show up on my photo.  

I bought this skirt on the same day, I just love tie dye!  It was just a pound as well.

Next, thinking ahead to Winter, I decided to go mad and buy this great knitted wool/angora hat from H&M, it was 50p.

I'm not going to enlarge that photo any more! Although I am secretly pleased with my home haircut layers!

I've been wearing a fab pair of gingham shorts I managed to buy for just 50p the other day, from the local animal rescue shop.  They are BHS and fit great, and I love the length, which can be really tricky with shorts.  They do look a little big on me as the leg width is generous but they are fairly high waisted, which is comfy.  I took several selfies in the garden, all of which were overexposed, gah!  So here are the shorts on their own.

I've been gardening in them every day this week.

Finally, today I found these two beauties, a great Toast jacket and a Country Casuals top.  Both were a pound.  The Toast jacket was a bit grubby around the collar so I spot cleaned it and left it out to dry.  It is lined, but only around the neckline and the sleeves.

The Country Casuals top isn't the sort of thing I would normally buy, but the label said I had to!     I just gave it a handwash and it's drying nicely in the warm weather.  It is hanging from the shoulders just for the photo.  We all know the washing line drill, tops from the bottom and bottoms from the top, if you please!  

I hope you have all had some great second hand bargains lately.  Let me know if you have.

 Right, that's it, I'm off to do some baking tonight.  More of that soon! 


  1. The vans are a great bargain. I never see bargains for 50p/£1 at our shops. I was looking on Monday and things seem to be £2.49 minimum and where I live is supposed to be a disadvantaged area, not too many miles from yourself.

  2. Hi Miss Piggy Bank, thanks for commenting. I tend to visit my very local shops around three times a week, that way I seem to pick up more bargains. When I visited just once a week, the pickings were not so rich. Helping out at one shop helps too! I'm off over to check out your blog soon xxx

  3. Great price on the Vans. I just bought my daughter come Converse for £1.49, and I thought that was amazing!
    Love the wool skirt - I'd be tempted to chop it into a mini, it would look so cool with tights and boots in the winter. xxx

  4. Hi Curtise, thanks for the skirt suggestion, I never even considered that, I was going to make cushion covers with it! xxx


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