Monday, 4 August 2014

July charity shop bargain round-up, just a bit late!

All guns are blazing on the selling-the-house front and so I have been rather tardy with sorting out a blog post or two.  

Having rather a lot of junk high quality belongings to carefully pack away means I am having trouble finding some of the bits I bought last month.  To be honest, everything has been shoved anywhere that it can't immediately be seen when you walk into a room!

So, let's begin with the lovely wool skirt I paid £1.99 for from Barnardos because I love the fabric.

Vans for a pound!

Tie dye skirt £1

H&M wool and angora hat, 50p

BHS shorts, 50p

Toast jacket, £1

Country Casuals top, £1

 Another lovely tie dye skirt, originally Dorothy Perkins, just £1

Falmers top, Cancer Research £1 rail

Brand new Spirit cross body bag, £1 in local Global Care closing down sale

Vintage crimplene Mary Hames dress £1 Global Care closing down sale

...and Vintage Eastex crimplene jacket, also a pound, from the same shop! 

It's quite interesting to note that the size 18 Mary Hames dress does not look too big on my size 12 mannequin,eek!

I can't see me buying too many bargains for a while from now on as we are trying to streamline what we have and get rid of anything we don't need.  Of course, I did need those vintage crimplene treasures!


  1. You found some fabulously cheap bargains, and of course, vintage Crimplene can NEVER be turned down! I reckon a vintage 18 is about a 14 now - mad vanity sizing! xxx

  2. Vintage crimplene's far too cute to reject - its so good to sew with if you don't wear the original piece. Good luck with the move. x


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