Saturday, 10 January 2015

She's a miner, 49er

Apologies for the lengthy blogging hiatus, it seems more difficult than anything else to get phone and internet set up when you move house!  For the time being, I'm sure my blogging will continue to be sporadic, charity shopping has taken a back seat as we have lots to sort out with the new house (which is a cottage actually, and if you follow me on Facebook you will have seen a view from the window). I might take some before and after shots of some of our projects, although the first major one, a kitchen re fit, has already been done, thanks to an Argos cheap sideboard and some matching B&Q cupboards, hastily bought and assembled before Christmas!

Right, back to the post in question, OH has been singing "Oh my Darlin' Clementine" to me since his 49th birthday back in September, hence the title, in case you were wondering!    

I might as well shout it from the rooftops, less than a year now until I am the big 50.  

I turned 49 on 3rd January and OH took me out for my birthday treat, a meal.  We don't do extravagance at birthdays, just a bit of quiet time with those you love is more than enough of a gift for me these days.

We popped over to The Fleece Inn, a medieval pub under the guardianship of the National Trust, in the middle of nowhere!  It has been owned by the same family from day one, over 600 years ago, right up until 1977, when the last owner died by the fire in the snug, a fact we were unaware of when choosing to sit in the snug by the fire and wondering why it was so icy cold! 

                                                                 The icy cold snug

Cold yet roaring fire

I decided on faggots for my birthday meal, a nice old style meal and absolutely delicious!

More internal shots

Blurry pic of OH in his new winter fisherman jumper, he does now answer to the name Captain Birdseye!  Look how low those ceilings are.

I love the Christmas decorations at the window

Another shot of the chilly snug

The outside was just as quaint as the interior, I do love these black and white buildings

Even I had to duck through some of the doorways, and I'm only 5'4"! 

Wearing: my new ebay Geox brown leather boots, £1 charity shopped Next denim skirt, Boden jumper (sale, years ago) £4 charity shopped brown needlecord Next jacket, new to me Tula brown leather bag £3.49, gloves, scarf and tights all gifts.

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  1. Hi! Welcome back!
    That looks a very nice place for a birthday meal- a very happy birthday to you!

  2. Mmmm faggots. Where I come from in North Nottinghamshire they were called 'savoury ducks' The outfit looks great - just goes to show!

    1. Savoury ducks?! Sounds a lot more enticing than faggots anyway! xxx

  3. A belated happy birthday! Don't let approaching 50 worry you - it's a piece of cake (hasn't made the slightest difference to me anyway!) And anyway there's a full year of being 49 to enjoy first. That pub looks like a wonderful place to celebrate, and I'm glad you're settling in to your new home. xxx

    1. I remember your "So?" post, Curtise! Yes, I'm enjoying 49, certainly don't feel it and hope I don't look it either! xxx

  4. Doesn't that pub look lovely?
    Happy belated birthday. Age is a state of mind, i know plenty of women my age (48 and proud!) who act years older. x

  5. The pub was fab! Too right about the state of mind. I remember when my mum was my age and other mums looked so matronly, permed and grey, shocking! xxx

  6. Ahh the pub looks like so much fun - we love a good pub and this one qualifies! Happy birthday too : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.


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