Saturday, 29 November 2014

November bargains - an alternative to Black Friday!

Oops, just remembered I have time to squeeze this post in before my internet disappears!  

This month has been quite expensive yet frugal, confusing?  I haven't bought much, on account of moving, but then managed to spend all of my paypal account balance on some bargain expensive boots on eBay.

I figured as I need boots for the winter, I will find some way of smuggling them in to the new house.

So, here we go, the round up:

I started off with this fab rugby top from the pound rail (of course!) of a local chazza.  I've been told not to wear it to matches at our local club, Moseley, where black and red are the only acceptable colours.  Tommy Hilfiger no less!

As it is the season to keep one's bonce warm, I couldn't resist buying this hat.  Another pound find, but quite warm.  It is by Daniele Meucci, who I have never heard of.  It is also not washable, so I washed it.  It came out just fine.  It's also had a lint shave, to get rid of some of those tatty fluffy bits.  The pic is 'before' by the way!

Something for the new house now, well I'm not turning down a rubberwood pan stand for 50p, and a proper Le Parfait jar for the same price!  The other jar, unbranded, was also 50p.

I'm going to finish with a flourish, and my new trio of expensive winter boots.  I've managed to get rid of a few bits and bobs on ebay in the past month or so and forgot the money was still in Paypal.  Several Christmas presents and three pairs of boots later and the account is empty.

These lovely grey leather Fatface boots are usually around £130 but I paid just £42 for these and that includes the postage charge.  Hardly any wear as well.

Bertie boots next, these lovely black leather boots retail at £165 and I paid £34 (including postage).  I've worn them out for the first time today to go walking in the drizzle and they are very comfy, and leather lined as well so really toasty!

   Finally, my last purchase, these stylish Geox brown leather boots, again they retail at £165 and I paid just £37 all in.  Very pleased with my new trio of winter boots.

That's it.  I make that a spend of £3.50  and £460 worth of boots for selling unwanted stuff online, I've got a lot for my money this month!

 I've prepared a further post that I will release for publication whilst I am moving, just so you all don't forget about me.  It's a bit different but I hope you like it! 


  1. Oooh you did well, esp on the boots! I bought some wonderful Ralph Lauren knee high boots for £60 last year that retail at £220 usually so I have those! X

  2. Loving your bargains you do so well.

    I also thought you might like this, lots of free stuff to make. Ruperts House
    Home Decor it is a Facebook page and lots of links within. This is one, lots of things I am going to make …. one day.

  3. I didn't realise you lived in Moseley. Come and say hello on the 14th December, we're all the All services Club!

  4. Love those boots - retail prices can be prohibitively high, but Ebay comes up trumps once again! xxx


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