Saturday, 15 November 2014

New boots and visiting Bonzo

Despite being a professional guitarist, him indoors' favourite musician of all time was the late, great, drummer John Bonham and he pays an annual visit to his grave.  Ironically, for someone who was so loud in his lifetime, he is interred in one of the quietest places you could find, and one of the most beautiful.  

 The tiny village is cluttered with an architecturally diverse collection of large and expensive houses, the Bonham family farm is nearby.  The church is teeny, and completely silent inside.  A visitor book notes travellers from Manitoba in Canada, California USA and Melbourne in Australia, all in the past week.  Whenever we go, we are the only ones there, it feels so private.

Bonzo's grave is generally piled with items reverently left by fans, it appears to be tidied regularly.  Drumsticks, some with messages attached, are piled behind, coins from all over the world are left on the headstone, and other gifts to the front.

I find the last line on the headstone particularly poignant and upsetting

As usual we leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photographs.  We bid our goodbyes to Bonzo and will visit again next year, when we will be living just a couple of villages away, hopefully.

Not sure how him indoors always manages to take photos of me with my eyes shut but hey ho!

Wearing: New to me Fatface boots, ebay £42 (RRP somewhere over £120)
Per Una jumper  £3.99,
 BlackYak hat 50p,
 Next denim skirt £1 and
 Pink leather Coccinelle bag £1 all charity shopped
M&S knitted tights 3 for £1 from Oxfam but a gift from a friend


  1. What a beautiful spot. It does seem an unlikely location for John Bonham's grave somehow, but obviously there is a family connection, and the headstone emphasises family over rock'n'roll, so I guess it is entirely appropriate after all.
    My favourite auntie always used to say good night, god bless, that phrase really reminds me of her.
    Looking splendid in pink and those fab new boots against that gorgeous backdrop. xxx

  2. Loving the boots and they go well with the pink and denim. Well jell of your charity shrewdness, rare round here to get much for a quid!

    Lovely story, fascinating to see the tributes left a very respected and loved drummer.

  3. Beautiful place! And I love your outfit.

  4. What a pretty spot. I must admit to knowing very little about John Bonham although lots of my classmates were devastated when his death was announced on Radio One.
    Lovely in pink! xxx

  5. Oooh, I say, don't you look fab!!!!! Adoring the hat, so cool with the jumper.
    I've not actually heard of this drummer but I love the tributes of so many drumsticks and cymbals. x


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