Saturday, 28 March 2015

It's just emulsion that's taken me over

Apologies to the Bee Gees for misquoting their words, but I really have been taken over by matchpots this week! 

The windows on the cottage are all white uPVC, and the cottage is white render, so we either have to paint the cottage a different colour, or the windows and doors.  As the windows are almost useless they will be replaced and I have found a local company who do coloured UPVC in all Farrow and Ball colours, so I need to find a colour, no, the colour green.  We will also have traditional style windows while we are at it!  Like these;

Anyway, enough boring house stuff and on to lovely charity shop bargains.  I've passed over so many wonderful bits and pieces this week, things I would have just bought and squirrelled away previously, but now, with all the impending work on the cottage, cannot justify the spend or the space.  So not for me the Italian leather handbag for £9.99, or the Faith wedges for £1, the 50p denim handbag or the 99p gold colour hinged cuff.  Oh no, I'm being frugal .

However, one visit to the charity shops and I'm £8.50 lighter, but I have all these lovely usable things to show for it!

First to catch my eye were these ladies pyjama bottoms, new and size 22 to 24, they will make great sleep shorts for OH when I've cut a bit of the bottoms, only 50p each.

Next,  I've been looking on ebay for old rock t shirts, but happened to spot this in a PDSA shop, on the men's rail for just £2.50.  It is size small, but gold and glittery lettering, I think it's a ladies.  I'm coming over all nostalgic about this as I had a lovely Motorhead sweatshirt when I was 11, which I bought from a shop in the old Birmingham Bullring, when I was first allowed to go into town on my own.

I then had a bit of a mad spend up in an independent charity shop, and for a fiver got the following;

Those fab velvet trousers at the top are Autograph, and were a pound.  I think they are a little too big around the waist but I might just take the whole sides in and wear them as skinny fit velvet flares for the summer! 

The creased-to-hell jeans are Levi's, and I got them for £2, again they look unworn, it must be spring clearout time. Unbelievably, they are marked as size 8, but they look so generous I'm hoping to squeeze myself into them.

The sixties style pinafore at the bottom is a Monsoon piece and as you can see, jumbo cord.  Again it looks unworn, but is covered in light fluff.  It will look great with a bright orange top underneath and tights and boots, it was £2

We are no further forward with any house works this week, architect has been instructed and we await his visit and dimensional drawings. The garden is coming along and the shed has been weatherproofed and had shelving fitted and is being filled.  

Hopefully, even though it is now the Easter holidays for schools, we might venture out for a day next week.  If I manage to twist his arm, OH might take me to one of the local car boot sales tomorrow morning, now he is no longer working on a Sunday!  


  1. 1. I am astounded by the coloured window frames - how cool are they!

    2. Great charity shopping, did a bit myself this week.

  2. We were so lucky to find a man who took each of our wooden sash windows out and lovingly restored them to their former glory. I had no idea UPVC could be provided in pretty colours.
    The velvet trousers are a great colour. xxx

  3. Your blog is a delightful discovery, keep up on the entertaining content. Love the object of yesteryear's trends, particularly velvet pants!
    Thanks for stopping by, hope you visit my blog again soon!

  4. Love the idea of coloured uPVC window frames, so much nicer than those horrible shiny white things, particularly in period properties. Fabulous charity shop bargains as ever - I am off for a rummage round the chazzas later on this morning, so fingers crossed ...!

  5. I like Arsenic! Great finds, especially the Levis and Motorhead t-shirt. xxx

  6. Good luck choosing colours, we always seem to take ages to agree on a colour. Fabulous shopping again, you really do have a great eye for a quality bargain. Happy Easter.

  7. Farrow and Ball can never be boring, and we all know that. I love Arsenic the most but it is a bit bright for windows on a traditional house. I have considered commuting to Cambridge (60 miles give or take) to work in their shop. Yes, I am a bit of a fan.


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