Sunday, 5 April 2015

Time and tide wait for no man

Time flies when you are having fun, so the saying goes.  It also seems to fly when you are trying to get lots done, even if it isn't fun!  And what's that saying attributed to John Lennon? Life is something that happens while you are busy making other plans. 

I can't believe it is almost four months since we moved into the cottage.  We have done so much to the garden in the wet, windy and wintry months, and are now planting like billy-o! Everything is a muddy mess at the mo so I won't post pictures.  The chicken run is now complete so the girls have their home sorted and have now come into lay for the year.  They are all pure breeds and are too posh to push over winter!  Here's yesterdays eggs, just in time for Easter;

We've been for a stroll to see the new lambs in the nearby fields, they are so funny and make the cutest little bleats!

We also have rabbits playing in the field next to the garden.  Unfortunately, it looks like a couple have become food for the buzzards who hang around the area, there are bits of bunny fluff rolling around on the breeze some days.

Talking of time flying, although I don't remember it, I was christened on Easter Sunday in 1966, mum says it doesn't seem that long ago.  We still have the Gothic Victorian parlour organ! 

 I still have this funny watch necklace that my godfather gave me, I uncovered it recently whilst sorting through all our unopened boxes, it still works too!  I might have to start using it.  Not sure whether it is sixties or 1970's though (it wasn't a christening gift!).

Not much charity shopping has been done this week, but I did have time to grab these lovely bargains yesterday.

Zandra Rhodes 100% silk scarf, new with tags and exclusive to M&S £1.99

Country Casuals linen jacket in a lovely denim blue just £1 

and a nice little silver necklace for £1 too.  Not a bad little haul for £3.99. 

 I'm now on the lookout for a tan leather bag. Curiously, I saw loads of cream leather bags all nice branded ones and all less than a tenner, last week, but I really don't think cream is very me. 

I'll be tucking into my jelly bunnies this afternoon, I'm not a huge fan of chocolate.

Jelly Bunnies, who knew!!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Ooh, I like that silver necklace you found, and your watch pendant is fab - I saw one I liked at a vintage fair but hesitated and someone else nabbed it - damn, rookie error! Such a lovely photo of your christening day too.
    Yes, time sure is flying, can't believe we're in April already. xxx

  2. We were squealing at the lambs on the way to Bridgnorth yesterday! Love that photo, I'm sure I was Christened on Easter Sunday, 1967 not that there's anyone alive (or in their right minds) left to ask!
    Enjoy your jellies! x

  3. Your Mum is wearing a lovely hand knitted jumper in that picture.

    I will not mention your terrific charity shop hauls because I am eaten up with jealousy!

  4. Clever chickens, laying just in time for Easter. Will look forward to seeing the results of all your planting .Hope you had a Happy Easter.

  5. I was also christened on Easter Sunday 1966!! Love your watch, looks very retro :-)


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