Monday, 15 June 2015

A quick refashion and lots of bargains

I picked up this rather nice pair of Next jeans the other day, for my usual pound, but when I got them home found them to be a little generous.  

They are a size 12 and so am I, but the denim isn't really stretched on me for a good fit, as I prefer with jeans.  The condition is great and the are quite high waisted too, all plusses, but at one point I was just going to donate them back.  Until today. Out in the garden it was so hot that I changed into a pair of scruffy shorts and suddenly realised I have no decent longer shorts to wear out and about if we have really good weather.  I don't have the legs for short shorts, or the confidence,  so never wear shorts outside of my own garden.  (Actually, I have worn shorts out and about, the proof of my one time only short wearing on holiday is on the blog header!)

Anyway, half an hour later and


I measured and pinned the inside leg of the jeans where I wanted them to come to, allowing two inches for the turn up.  Then I measured from the hem up on both outer and inner leg before cutting, to ensure the legs were straight and not on an angle.  I turned the hems up twice and ironed flat, then put a vertical row of stitching next to both leg seams

Job done, new shorts for a pound and a bit of effort!

Last weeks bargains were quite diverse as you may have seen on Facebook. 

I bought this lovely piece of silk, it was in a scarf box but I actually think it may be a sash off a dress. It has a row of covered buttons and corresponding row of button loops 20 inches apart in the middle. The care label has been removed.  It was a pound and should go with quite a few things, I might even wear it as a belt with my new shorts!

I also received a couple of ebay purchases, this versatile beige vest top for £2.49. it is tagged at £3 and the poor person who sold it to me rolled it into a bag so it cost them £2.80 to send it.

I was excited to buy this Cath Kidston cagoule, I paid way too much, £20, but they sell for £30 brand new and I'm not usually a frivolous shopper, so this was a treat.  The pattern reminds me of Magic Roundabout!  The one I have at the moment is black, so it will be a pleasure to wear this.

       I was surprised at how well it is made actually.  Lots of taped seams and double stitching with reinforced bits in strategic places.

I popped into a Poundland and treated myself to a new nail varnish, Sally Hanson's In Record Lime, more like Kermit green to me, but I like it.

When I purchased the jeans-now-shorts, I also found a nightie, another pound, my size and as  I've been looking for one for ages, I was very happy.

When I got it home, I discovered a split in the side seam, where the fabric hadn't caught properly as it was made, I soon stitched that up!

On Saturday morning I found these cream cakes at just 52p a box when I deviated into a local Co-op on a whim.  They didn't last long as you'd expect!

I also found this cute address book, unused for just 10p in a book box in another charity shop.  I'm still unsure if I should keep it or put it in the present box as it is as new.

My last two purchases for the week came from my favourite shop, and were just 50p each.  another vest top, and a pair of Adidas shorts.  

The shorts had the label removed so I took a chance and they fit fine, but are obviously for the garden only!

Finally, as it was raining on Saturday I had my trusty charity shopped brolly with me, I was rather surprised to exit one charity shop and almost bump into a woman outside with the exact same brolly!  One of the great things about charity shopping is the individuality of the clothing, but this brolly is obviously a trusty favourite, and not just to me!

A quick house update, architect has been paid and has submitted detailed plans to local authority, builder has been given a copy too in order to do a detailed quote, we will be good to go with the garage conversion in as little as 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the availability of the builder. I'm not cheering yet!    


  1. Wow what a lot of bargains. I love what you have done with the shorts. They look great :-)

  2. Oooh, you did well! Some great bargains! I did really well in the charity shop on Saturday which I will post about later this week including a Cath Kidston dress!x

  3. I was thinking while driving home about find a pair of jeans to cut off and turn into the calf length uoturned capris style everyone seems to be wearing. Maybe I'll be lucky and find two pair by the weekend and have shorts as well to make.

  4. Great idea for the shorts, and for the cit offs Sam.

  5. I've looked at that in Poundland, the colour is great. I feel so bad when a seller makes a mistake with postage and ends up losing out. I've done it myself. x

  6. You did a good job with the shorts, and found all sorts of things to fill wardrobe gaps. Love the colour of that nail varnish! xxx

  7. Another round of good finds. Your new shorts turned out really well . Your Cath Kidson jacket looks really pretty . That reminded me I have a Cath Kidson bag my son bought me back from the UK last year, must find and use it. Hope your plans work out and the quote is not too horrendous.

  8. Love the jeans-now-shorts. And lots of other amazing bargains, too - well done, you! I picked up a nice pair of Clarks wedge sandals for £2 this morning, which I was chuffed with :)


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