Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Croome revisited

Well, after a week of nothing happening on the house front, and no purchases from charity shops, I was feeling rather deflated.  So we took ourselves off to Croome again on Friday for a wander around the grounds.

This time the visibility was good and we could see the Malverns!

Of course, being a weekday, when we got there it was pretty quiet.  Which was nice.  The sun was just burning off the light cloud too, and it was quite comfortable for walking.  Thankfully, the Lancelot Brown designed landscape had plenty of cool tree lined areas to walk through, as you can see in the photo above. We walked down to the right and then just followed the line of trees around to the left.  It was quite a lengthy walk but there was so much to see it felt like a short stroll.

We came across the statue of Pan again, OH kindly posed with him 

The morning sun was casting shadows through the huge sash doorways in the Orangerie

A little further on we found this interesting bridge

It led to the lakeside, where we found the memorial to Lancelot Capability Brown.  The inscription is so white it's almost unreadable!  

The lakeside path winds around the edge of a huge lake and past various follies and items of interest, this grotto for instance

Through the woods, I caught a glimpse of squirrels going about their business

Turning around, the lake was stunning!

 Canada geese and Croome branded deck chairs on the banks

This chap came over to see if we had any food, we did, a plentiful supply of floating duckfood!

We headed towards the church, and stopped to rest awhile on some of the deckchairs

to literally stop and smell the roses and take in the view

Back up the hill towards the church

Another sit down near the church

Wearing DKNY jeans £1, green leather bag £1 Jack Purcell special edition Converse £1, East scarf (was pennies but can't remember how much) Toast jacket also a pound. Everything charity shopped!

Green nail varnish, a pound!

As we left I took this pic of the entrance, an old RAF building

Hopefully, we will be off on another trip this Friday, where to ?  Who knows!

I've been spending such a long time in the garden on these light evenings I'm aware that as well as neglecting my own blog, (I almost binned this post as it's rather boring without bargains, cakes or house stuff, but that's life sometimes!) I need to catch up on my reading too, so I'm off now over to your blogs for a mooch around.  

See you there!


  1. A beautiful lake with swans and geese, bridges and follies, squirrels and deckchairs - that's my sort of walk! The view of the church through the foxgloves is gorgeous.
    And that's a great outfit, with everything at knock-down prices, brilliant! xxx

  2. Oh this is lovely. And that bridge looks exactly like one in Petworth also by Capability Brown!
    I love the squirrel- he's a real cutie!!!x
    Sorry about the lack of charity shop items, I have a few so I might post.x

  3. Not at all boring, glad you shared your day out

  4. I always enjoy your days out and this one was no exception . The gardens are quite something and I always love a squirrel , we don't have them. Enjoy that Summer sunshine.

  5. It's a great post, looks a grand day out.

  6. I didn't think this post was boring at all - I loved all the pictures and the details of your bargainous outfit, too! x


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