Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I'm late, I'm late!

Darn it, missed my Monday deadline for the next blog post!

Seems I'm playing catch up again, we are so busy. 

 No time for frivolities and lengthy self indulgent stately home visits, no, all our free time has been used up doing work related stuff and shopping for essentials, including gumtree and facebook furniture pick ups for the OH's new studio.

Last week we moved the OH's business, from the suburbs into the countryside.  He will be able to walk to work, which is good. Whether he will be able to work whilst gazing out at fields, rabbits and horses is another matter! 

I'm now making new blackout blinds for him, I made him some 18 months ago when he moved within the same site in the city, just a bigger room, and now am deconstructing those same blinds to fit smaller windows. 

I also made him some new cushion covers for his new waiting area chairs

Bought the fabric as fat quarters off ebay and it was delivered promptly.  I probably could have had a better deal from a well known fabric store in Birmingham, but it was quicker to buy online.  As you can see I ran out of fabric as I was only going to do two cushions, but ended up with one fat quarter and one fat half!

Charity shop wise, I found a gorgeous solid silver necklace a few weeks ago, for 50p. Angel wings in the shape of a heart.  It is quite weighty, but with the price of silver the scrap value is probably around what I paid for it, no matter, I like it. 

I also picked up these fab burnt orange colour opaques, another 50p, they reminded me of my work days and I have noticed Ann, of Polyester Princess, wearing gorgeous opaques with her vintage dresses.

I have an old Jigsaw wool skirt I need to alter and it matches these tights, that outfit will have to wait for next Winter now, I reckon.

I was tempted to part with a pound each for these biographies, think I will need to broaden my mind before reading!

Both books are in excellent condition. 

 I had a serious book addiction a few years ago, bookshelves groaning under the weight of factual and biographical books, most were donated when we moved, but sometimes I just can't help poring over a shelf of books in a second hand store, I'm always drawn to them.

More shower gel, and that expensive Grace and Cole stuff again, this 200ml tube was 75p

Finally, in a moment of weakness in the Cotswolds and Evesham, a bit of retail therapy.

I spotted this jumper in the EWM sale and ummed and ahhed.  The ticket price was £25 reduced from £30, but at the till it rang through at £16.  I had a similar colour jumper (well, the blue bits anyway!) which is on the way out, so it's gone in the rag bag. 

We went for a window shop in the Valley retail park again and in the Fat Face shop I spotted this hoodie.  Fully lined with fleece and just the thing I need for morning walks through the fields and shopping runs.  The tag price was originally £55, it was reduced to £30, still a lot of money for me, but I've been so pleased with the quality of the jumper I treated myself to recently, that I bought it.

  I think I've spent a lot recently in proper shops but looking back at my blog, where I do share all my personal purchases, I can see that I haven't.

Now the only other thing I need is new socks, and I'm off to Asda tomorrow! 


  1. You are forgiven for being late, Claire. Sometimes what they call real life gets in the way, and there simply isn't time. That cushion fabric is fab. I bet OH is very pleased with the result. I love the pretty silver necklace, too. Oh, and I'm so pleased to have inspired you to buy those burnt orange opaques. I buy mine cheaply from a local market stall, but at 50 p, they must be bargain of the year. xxx

  2. Its just clicked - I'm always seeing EWM labels in chazzas, it stands for the Edinburgh Woollen Mill, doesn't it?
    I always snap up opaques when i see them in chazzas - even if they're XL I can always tuck them in my bra!!
    Great job on the cushions. xxx

  3. The groovy cushions look great! Bargain orange opaques at 50p, mine are more Tango than burnt orange but they are great for cheering up a winter's day. Your necklace is very pretty indeed.

  4. I'm so glad you bought that fleece-lined hoody. I'm an early morning walker, and I detest wearing bulky parkas. Whenever possible I wear a fleece-lined hoody.

    Oooh! The heart necklace and opaques were a snapping good find!!

    I bet you have a wonderful feeling of satisfaction moving the office. Let's the office is a productive one!

    Happy thrifting ;)

  5. Clever you, the cushions look great. Both of your tops were good buys , classic styles that you will wear so much. Love the coloured opaques and the silver Necklace. Have a good week.

  6. Clever you, the cushions look great. Both of your tops were good buys , classic styles that you will wear so much. Love the coloured opaques and the silver Necklace. Have a good week.

  7. Lovely buys... I really like the little angel wings. The cushions are great. Jx

  8. Oh I love it when that happens, finding a bargain to find a further reduction at the till. I always hurry out sharpish though as I always think they have the price wrong :) Some great finds!

  9. The cushions look fab. And I'm another one who always buys their tights in charity shops! xx

  10. Boo, sorry I missed this! The cushions are ace as is that fab Peacock jumper!x


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