Sunday, 3 May 2015

Botanical prints, breezes and bush size

Well, not much has been happening this week at Pennypincher cottage.  I did manage to find some bargain chicken corn at the local ASDA earlier in the week, reduced from £3 down to 75p a bag and in date until October.  Not that it will last that long!

 My only charity shop purchase this week was fab Ikea fabric unused offcuts, three of them, all approx 24 inches deep by 60 inches wide.  The print is very striking I think.

Got the lot for the princely sum of a pound.  They originally wanted 50p but it is a charity shop and I thought a pound was a fairer price!

The strong winds returned earlier in the week and we had to lash a few things down, like the tarpaulins on the chicken run!  I'd not appreciated strong winds before, being quite urban was a buffer in a way for the weather.  Out here there is nothing between the cottage and the elements but fields and hedgerows, not quite as protective as a row of terraced houses!  Today teh winds have subsided to be replaced by rain, no good for gardening but great for the garden, and everything is just bursting bud and flower now.

Today I managed to drive down the narrow yet fast lane in the village, it seemed much narrower once I was behind the wheel.  Later on, OH and I went for a walk across the fields and came out onto the same road, we encountered one motorist on our walk and he was doing about 30, so it's probably not just me who thinks the road is not a national speed limit candidate!

Our walk provided us with much fresh air and deep breaths, the nearby hills were shrouded in cloud, very low cloud

We encountered a hill to get back up to the village which was hard going

 It doesn't look much, but we were already walking uphill

Bloomin' hard going!

The baby rabbits are now braving the field next to the cottage on their own, and pose for me too, if I make a noise!

How cute! 

Finally, we found this treasure in mum's house, and she's letting me sell it to help raise renovation funds.  I remember her wearing it when I was little, and she had a seethrough brolly too.

Isn't it fab!  I have tried to find a photo of mum wearing it but haven't had much time to go through all the old photos.  just needs a clean, and I'm pleased that there are no rips or holes, but the studs are a bit rusty.  Not sure what the going rate is for a plastic mac, it might be the first thing on my ebay page.

The plastic label in the coat proved rather too much for OH when he read it, and I'm wondering where the coat was made!

Nuff said!  

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Well done on the chicken feed- good when essential items are super cheap. The material is sweet too! Your walk sounds lovely. Bunny is cute! xx

  2. I love the coat - absolute 60s or what! That hill would do me in, it looks so picturesque though.

  3. I've got one of those macs but its getting very tatty now after years of heavy festival going. You'll be staggered when you stick it on eBay, they sell for a bomb!
    Gorgeous photos, especially that cute rabbit. Good on you for giving more than the price on the tag for the fabric, that's good charity shop karma, that it! xxx

  4. Ooh, I remember those macs, so cool - but Bush Size is a puzzle!
    Your walk looks delightful, despite the hills. And posing rabbits too - how wonderful! xxx

  5. That label is fantastic!!! It should double the value of the coat.... Jx

  6. Good luck selling the rain coat, hope it raises heaps for the renos. Your walk looks quite idealic,complete with posing rabbits and flowers. Hope the rain eases.

  7. Oooh i too had a plastic mac when i was a little gal :D And i have to admit the label did make me chuckle :d



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