Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lerose by any other name - part deux

Anyone following me on facebook will have noticed that I managed to purchase a rather gorgeous vintage dress the other day.  I couldn't resist it!  I was out for the day with a friend, who is also a charity and second hand shopper, and she actually spotted the dress, ummed and ahhed and put it back on the rail.  I told her off for putting it down then picked it up and bought it!  Moral of the story is if you ever find vintage in a charity shop, do not release your grip!

Not my size but now in my collection!

Isn't it beautiful?!

I also managed to find not one but two pairs of vintage navy opaques, I have been wanting a pair of navy opaques for a while, then, just like buses, two turn up at once! These are from USA and were a pound each.

Also managed to snap up a lovely crocheted top, it's a H&M size 34, which I think is a 10, it just about fits me and was a pound 

I'm not too sure what to do about the drawstring bit, it feels a bit high where it is so I may lower it (just a case of rethreading) or get rid altogether. I also need a vest top to go underneath, more purchases!

Another pair of tights, unopened. I just love the artwork on these, and they were worth the pound for the packing alone.  The mature lady on the till laughed when I handed them over "Ooh, they're old, someones been having a clearout!"

They are, of course an American Tan colour (masquerading as caramel!) 

I also found this nice t shirt with guitar motif, again just £1.  Didn't notice the repair until I was photographing it (hem, bottom right on pic)  but it will be pretty much invisible when I'm wearing it.

The only other thing I didn't notice was the fact that it is a child's age ten in size, I just held it up and thought it would fit me!  It does.  Who needs size labels eh?!

We've had a few local walks this week, including a (now very) quick trip over to Rushock for OH to pay his respects to John Bonham

The cymbal on the right is signed The Valley Boys, and I can't decide if they are from Wales or California!

Beautiful countryside as usual

We had a view of the Malverns from the church, easily obscured by all the cloud we've been having 

These lot were amused to see people in this usually extremely tranquil village

This looks very much like a vintage (70's?) combine harvester, rusting away in a farmer's field

Things are pretty much status quo as far as the cottage goes, apart from mum and I gave the kitchen a quick paint and wallpapered the chimney breast, just to cover up the hideous plaster pink peeling and cracked paintwork.  OH hates it and thinks it is "old fashioned".  The wallpaper is scraps left over from the early 80's, I think it is quite nice! 

We've got more gardening projects to finish when the weather allows, including completing the woodshed, a summerhouse and constructing a small stream, ambitious? Nah!


  1. Oh SUPER luck on the dress!!!! Isn't it a beauty!!!! And the tights are great too!!!
    I found a gorgeous 1970's maxi in the chazzer on Thursday and I ummed and ahed and then said, "Idiot, it us vintage in your size and colour-take it!!!!!!" All the shop assistants egged me on.
    love the graveside cymbals. x x

  2. Wow, a small stream, it will be fab! Love the dress, essential to be ready to grasp the nettle, or vintage frock.

  3. That's a gorgeous dress, I do like a bit of vintage Lerose.
    Neiman Marcus, that's a posh shop, isn't it? And yes, old hosiery packaging is fantastic, I've bought tights I'll never wear just for the photo or art work.
    Lovely photos of your walk and the local sheep! Good luck with the ongoing gardening projects..xxx

  4. Your maxi dress is a stunner , you do so well with your opshopping. Always love seeing the countryside where you live. Sounds like the renovations are coming on, as is your garden. Look forward to seeing the results.

  5. The dress is fab, what was your friend thinking?! Love the old hosiery packaging, its a shame the contents are usually American Tan and the texture of crepe paper.
    A stream? That sounds ambitious but amazing. Lovely countryside. Love the rusting combine. xxx

  6. Fabulous dress - what a find! Lovely countryside pics as well, and I think your kitchen looks great - who cares what decade the wallpaper came from?!!


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