Monday, 18 May 2015

That 70's vibe

Yes, the 1370's! 

We visited the beautiful Brockhampton Estate last Friday, over in Herefordshire, and it has to be one of the prettiest places I've been to.

 So chocolate box it's untrue

Built in the late 14th century and still standing, it is a stunning medieval moated manor house now owned by the National Trust.  

I did feel quite sick inside actually, no walls or floors are straight, you feel slightly drunk as you wander through the rooms!

 Amazing door on the gatehouse above, but the whole building is leaning 

Look at that fabulous flagstone floor in the main hall

 Surprisingly solid staircase

 I love the kitchen, it is furnished in the style of the turn of the 20th century and looks so usable  

 The brewery, there were a couple of mead and cider recipes hanging up but they were so vague I didn't bother to photograph them as they were useless to anyone not in the know!
 I really want my own little gatehouse, it had an upstairs too! Those metal chickens on the lawn were so cute. 

Stunning views of the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.  Brockhampton was a beautiful place to visit, so peaceful and even the drive there and back was free from towns and traffic.  We really felt as if we had gone back in time there.

So, swiftly on to this week's bargains.  

I had spotted this dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago, it was on for a modest price, around £2.50 I think, but had plenty of issues.  

The tag had been attached straight through the dress, making a small hole (note to charity shops, do NOT do this, it is very naughty and ruins otherwise perfect clothing!!) and there were brownish marks all over it, almost like tea stains or possibly fake tan.  Anyway, when I saw it reduced to a pound and still hanging forlornly on the rail, I bought it.  I have no idea how old it is but here's the label

St Michael, embroidered label and made in the UK?  Late 70's perhaps?

I also picked this up from the same shop, also a pound

Gorgeous tunic from the Indigo range at Marks and Spencer.  I really don't like tunic length things but a friend (actually an old friend I have recently been in touch with through Facebook, and who was always very arty and stylish) suggested I belt it, and guess what?

She was right!

I now have my 70's style summer outfit sorted.

Wearing: Indigo tunic £1, Per Una platform leather sandals, Ebay £3 including p+p, Levi's jeans, £2, and brown leather plaited belt, 50p

Nothing new happening on the cottage at present, and strong winds and rain have stopped play as far as gardening is concerned, so I'll leave you with a few shots from our Sunday morning stroll around the village

There are so many proper English bluebells around us it is really nice to see.  there's also plenty of wild garlic, and I'm yet to use any in cooking.

Hopefully, the weather will pick up in the next few days and we can get the roof on the woodstore, we have three trees worth of wood to put away!

Linking up with the beautiful Patti, at Visible Monday, who is looking fab with her new straight hairpiece! 


  1. That place is UNBELIEVABLY cute! SO picturesque- it's like a Disney fairytale set in England!
    Ooh, nice 70's top- I rather like that and the belt works brilliantly!!x

  2. thanks for the compliment, and for linking up! the 1400's house is remarkable, I'd love to see it. And your new frock and tunic are great too - such good bargains. xox

  3. I don't see so many tags through clothing as used to be but it is irritating when it happens. What will you use for the staining? After reading Vicky's tips I used a soaking in vanish to get rid of stains. It was for a pair of red 1950s kitchen curtains, worked like a charm. They are now a summer skirt!!

  4. Love that St Michael beauty. That's early 1970s for sure. Drives me mad about the tagging, too. Jon's been known to storm into the staff room and lodge a complaint. Those brown spots are probably from a wire coat hanger, the ruination of many an old dress and impossible to shift.
    Gorgeous old manor house, I love the kitchen and would happily move in! xxx

  5. More great buys , you certainly have a good eye for a bargain.The countryside is so pretty , I love bluebells, they just say Spring. Brockhampton is quite something, specially the gatehouse.Hope your weather is kinder this week.

  6. OOOh, that house is so blumin' lovely - and so great to see it as should be, so many of these places have been changed. That dress is a bit superdooper, and reduced! Roll on summer.

  7. What a gorgeous house, love the little moat and gatehouse.
    I agree with Vix, the St Michael dress looks early-mid 1970s to me, judging by the label and the style. Don't get me started on the ill-advised tagging and labelling of goods in charity shops, drives me mad (I am ALWAYS careful where and how I price things, these things matter!) Xxx


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