Monday, 9 February 2015

Chilly Charlecote Park

Now the OH and I are getting back into the swing of something resembling a routine, we are off out on Fridays for a jolly.  This time, we took our flask and biscuits, and drove over the county border into Shakespeare's county, Warwickshire.

We arrived at Charlecote Park, a rather beautiful and imposing 16th century country house surrounded by deer parkland and on the banks of the river Avon, managed by the National Trust, read more here or visit the National Trust page here.  It was eyewateringly cold, but the skies were blue!

The gatehouse is more than impressive

 So is the main house, which was closed, I didn't check the website carefully enough before we set off!

Never mind, we came for a walk and a meal so were not disappointed!

The kitchens and other ancillary areas were open though, so we nosed around there instead 

The old range was very impressive

As was the other fireplace in the kitchen

Lots of lovely old kitchenware, and some mighty fine wooden kitchen cabinets

We soon found the cafe, and shared a home made sausage roll and a hot goat's cheese and grilled veg sandwich.

Outside, wandering around, we found this little building made of old parts of the main house, with panelled walls and stained glass windows.

 I peered through the window to take this photo

The herds of deer were roaming around, William Shakespeare was caught poaching in these grounds as a boy!

We headed to the coach house and had a peek at the Victorian coaches

Even though we couldn't go in, there was enough to admire on the outside of the house

We approached the gatehouse again, from the other side, and left chilly Charlecote

 There's not really much to say about my very uninspiring, yet warm, outfit today, other than you may recognise my Fatface boots, purchased from ebay.  I'm also wearing, Primark jeggings £1 from a charity shop, and my trusty Primark very old parka!


  1. What a beautiful historic place! Thank you for taking me with you!x

  2. What a beautiful house! I don't know your part of the world at all, so I enjoy seeing the lovely places you visit. A fab kitchen , great lunch, pretty deer and blue skies - that's a good day out! xxx

  3. I love the little thatched building - fab windows! And the goats cheese sarnie looks rather nice, too!

  4. Have enjoyed many a picnic at charlecote and the little cottage is just great . I am renewing my membership this summer and plan to enjoy summer sundays at NT places

  5. That was a favourite place of my Grandparents, I've still got a notebook they bought me from the gift shop back in the 1970s. x

  6. This takes me back to my first visit to England so many years ago.Even though this was not one of the National Trust properties, we did see many, I guess this is what happens to historically challenged Aussies.


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