Friday, 20 February 2015

In the windmills of my mind

I've had a windmill on my mind for quite a while now.  Chesterton windmill in Warwickshire, to be precise.  A 17th century Inigo Jones designed cylindrical stone tower with 60 foot diameter sails.

I've been pestering OH to go and visit but it always seemed to be just a little too far away from where we were going, to detour to.  Today we had time for a fleeting visit and I am so pleased I was able to visit such a beautiful and functional building, still standing and still able to function if needed, after all the years.

There are some stunning photos on the internet of Chesterton windmill, unfortunately for me it was a drab day so I did the best I could!  There was a professional photographer there when we arrived, she was just finishing up and packing her gear away.  

They might just need to pop this back inside if they want anything ground

As you can see from my attire, it was cold, windy (of course!) and very muddy, good job we put wellies in the car with the flask and cakes! 

I think the overcast sky and sun trying to peep through made it all quite atmospheric 

I find it quite haunting actually

Like the circles that you find, in the windmills of your mind


  1. You've taken some wonderfully atmospheric photos of that fab windmill. x

  2. A fabulous structure - I do love a windmill! xx

  3. These are wonderful!!! Thank you very much for sharing them- I do love a good windmill!xx

  4. I agree, wonderful photos of such an amazing windmill.This is what I always loved about the UK,the history.


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