Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wonderful Worcestershire!

I just love the English countryside and have photography overload at present as I just can't stop snapping away around the village.

OH and I went for a little walk up the lane at the back of the cottage last Friday morning, it had snowed lightly overnight and everything looked so pretty covered in a light dusting of Winter's finest!

The local flock of sheep didn't appear to be too bothered about the snow, they were very laid back about us (using the public footpath) walking so close, although I did feel that a few were "giving me evils"!

 I do love Winter, I'm a January baby and I adore all the icy pastel colours, clear skies and                               stark skeleton trees you get in the middle of Winter.

                                             Yep, it looks pretty good to me!

  No photos of me for this post, I was too busy snapping away as if I would never see snow or frost again!  Here's one of OH though, appropriately attired for a tramp across the Winter fields.

As you can see, we are happy to be here.

Lots of work being undertaken on the cottage right now, we have so far had three large trees felled and a lovely mature Oak has had a bit of crown tidying by the local tree surgeon, and now looks splendid!  We now have lots of wood for when we get a woodburner here, all stacked up nice and neat.  Next job is getting the garden secure, it is very windy here and we need a good strong fence to replace a rather dilapidated and dangerous one. 

Apologies again for the awful formatting, it appears Blogger is still playing up for me, and I can't remove the ridiculous spacing between text and photos.

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  1. The countryside surrounding your village looks beautiful. Good to know you are settling in and enjoying your new home. And happy birthday for last month (did I say that already? I've forgotten, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it!) Xxx


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