Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Let's talk about socks, baby!

I do love socks, love wearing them and love all the great colours and patterns they come in.  As it's quite cold here at the mo, I'm usually wearing two pairs, knee length ones and short socks over the top.  It might look a bit daft (hey, who's going to see?) but by golly it keeps my feet, and me, warm!

To my surprise, the long pair I pulled out of the drawer this morning are plain black, they are also over 35 years old!  I had them for secondary school back in the very late 70's, when I used to wear them with the tops folded over.  Proves you can't kill 70's nylon!  Here's a then and now shot of the eternal socks, then photo is from school and the year was 1980.


Yes, OK, you can't see the socks very well, but you get the gist.

 This made me think of a pair of socks I blogged about a while ago, a very long hairy (and a bit sparkly) pair of 80's socks we found in mum's loft.  Very odd and would probably do better as stockings actually.

I do like them and I'm not parting with them any time soon but I really don't think I'm going to get much wear out of them either

The next pair, however, may just find themselves on ebay.  I unearthed a lovely old bag full of vintage handkerchiefs the other day, and am preparing them for ebay.  At the bottom of the bag was this garish pair of 1977 jubilee socks, my jubilee socks to be precise!  I wore them frequently that year, at the age of 11.  I do have a photo of me wearing them back then but have been unable to find it, so I took this snap of me wearing them now, they still fit!

If I kept these they would annoy me as the elastic is now a bit slack around the tops.  They still look good though!

Lastly, just to share the type of socks I usually wear, I bought these Pippi Longstocking style socks from the £1 shop around 9 or 10 years ago and they are still going strong too.  I do have about half a dozen different colourways and generally wear them in matching pairs!

Hope you enjoyed the sock show!


  1. Ha, I remember everywhere being covered in Union Jack flags in 1977, and the Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen being artificially kept off the Number One spot in the charts!
    I don't have a thing for socks at all, rarely wear them in fact, but I can appreciate them on other people, and you have some cool (and old) pairs there! xxx

  2. I had those rainbow Poundland socks, they finally wore out last year after being my festival socks for years! Love the Union Jack ones. x

  3. Wow, talk about longevity!!! Sock it to em baby!@!x

  4. Socks rock! I'm wearing green and white stripey ones today!
    I tend to wear them only with boots, but have heaps and love 'em! Mine last ages too....!

  5. Can't beat a nice warm pair of socks in the winter - love the stripey ones!


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